Sunday, September 26, 2010


just creepin' on my own facebook photo albums from the past 4 years and couldn't help me reminisce about my first two years of college, which were the most collegey years out of all four. SCAD sometimes doesn't even feel like college, i like that. However, I'm glad I got the whole dorm life, college thing out of the way. These photos are of my only two dorm room ever in my life. I like looking at them.

Freshman year living in Esseff Hall on South Main Street in Wilkes-Barre, PA. It was my first experience living away from home and sharing a room with a total stranger (who became my close friend for the next two years.) I remember that bed being cozy and I had tons of little bits of my life scattered around. Post cards, pictures, posters, etc. Regular dorm room girl stuff I suppose but I don't think it was that normal. It was my first little space to decorate! I wish I still had those posters. That Rilo Kiley poster is my absolute favorite. I need to find it. It's somewhere in my closet at home.

Sophomore year I lived at a form of a Best Western hotel that let my college use two floors for housing. I lived with my best friend at Kings, Mary, and she was so fun to live with. Living in a hotel was obviously different than living in the regular dormitories that the school offered. It was like the next step to getting an apartment (SORT OF). It gave a little bit more independence and separation from all things college. We had a cool bathroom, and got to take an elevator with hotel guests & lived footsteps away from possibly the most disgusting Chinese restaurant ever established yet we ordered from then atleast once a week.

Two years there = a big blur of learning experiences, cold gray weather, boys, majoring in "mass communications", gross cafeteria food, thrift stores, Curry Donuts' iced coffees, alcohol, etc. It was an experience. I'm at the point where I like looking back on it though because it's so cool to see how life can take you all sorts of places in only a short period of time. That's pretty fucking cool and scary.