Monday, August 16, 2010

i love my school

everyone check out shopSCAD's new blog! shopSCAD may or may not be a reason why I fell in love with this college. Obviously there are endless reasons why SCAD is a great school, but having this perfect little school boutique that you can get lost in is definitely cool. and by lost, i mean mentally lost, which is the best kind. it's quite tiny but filled with endless amounts of beauty! it's dangerous that it's now located in walking distance from my house because i will accidentally spend half my weekly savings on SCAD's homemade hand lotion, lip balms and candles. I love to wander in and just stare at everything, which leads to my day feeling instantly brighter.

check it out online here & here; and when you're in savannah, go in! it's located on one of the most beautiful squares in the whole city (my personal favorite) & also across the street from my favorite building in savannah (where gryphon tearoom is located)