Tuesday, August 31, 2010

favorite album list: Eagles of Death Metal "Peace Love Death Metal"

This time last year, I was settling into my new apartment in Savannah and getting used to the city/being so far away from home. Not to mention, I had no car and lived on the outskirts of the 'historic district'/downtown area. It wasn't a walk in the park, it was hot all the time, and my bike was always getting stolen. Luckily, I was in walking distance from two SCAD buildings where my classes were, plus I could hop on the school bus to take it from place to place. It wound up working well, but traveling by bus, foot and bike naturally made my ipod my best friend.

Starting a new school year, I loaded my ipod up with bands that I've always wanted to give a listen but never did. One of those bands was Eagles of Death Metal. The name kind of gave me the feeling that they were going to be a scary, noisy & loud mess with members wearing Insane Clown Posse make up, all black tee shirts and chains around their bodies or something. Clearly, I was putting emphasis on the "Death Metal" idea, and clearly, I assumed wrong.

They exude this energetic, soulful southern rock feel which was perfect for getting acquainted with my new southern surroundings. I was ADDICTED to this album my first quarter at SCAD. From the first track to the last, it's just a masterpiece in my opinion. I'd listen to it while sitting on the bus, waiting for the bus, wandering around under the spanish moss, working on my drawing projects & my 2D projects, getting charcoal all over my floor and hands & nursing exact-o knife battle wounds. It was the soundtrack to my first fall in Savannah and my last fall as a twenty year old.

Every song makes me want to air-drum on my knees. You know what I mean. It turns you into "that person" that pretends they're a drummer or that they even know how to follow a beat, by simply banging on their knees or on any surface and maniacally tapping their feet. Eagles of Death Metal will do this to you. It will make you become that person. It's the perfect road trip music even though I've never taken a road trip listening to it. I just imagine it would be the best sounds to hear while driving with the windows down and friends in your passenger/back seats. It's also perfect beer drinking music. Maybe it's just perfect music..for...living. Just listen. To ALL of it. You won't be sorry. I promise.