Saturday, May 22, 2010


my realtor let me in the new apartment for the day to take photos/measurements of everything. i felt a little overwhelmed with a new set of eyes on because now i'm looking at it in a way where i want everything to fit! where will i put a couch? how can i make it look cute without being cluttered? what size mattress do i need? how will i hide a long cable wire? i made a little list and drew out a floorplan of where I want my furniture to go, etc. which made it easier.

i signed the lease and it's mine now! moving things gradually in at the end of next week, then flying to NJ for 3 weeks and then officially moving in mid june. eeep! this all happened so fast. it hasn't sunk in. i don't think it will til everything is unpacked.

above are some 'before' photos. the tenants before me left a couple of things for me (the bed, shelf, armoire type thing, shower curtain, etc.) which was nice. i really like the bed! it's interesting and i love the carving in it. the cat seems to just roam around the little backyard and is fat & friendly. he kept climBin Up MA BoOt today though YaLL, so that's why he's posing in the picture. what an attention whore!