Sunday, May 16, 2010


guess what? i'm moving into my very first apartment, by myself, downtown on my favorite street in all of Savannah. (photo above). I don't know how it all happened. It was very fast. My Dad is visiting me for the weekend and he's an impulse decision maker in a lot of ways and we decided it was best to jump on this great opportunity. It's an old townhouse (divided into three units, I get the middle floor. small but good.) like the one above, built in 1851, with a garden patio covered in ivy, old brass chandeliers, a small old fashioned kitchen, two (not working) fire places, and hardwood floors. cobblestone street outside, minute walking distance from everything in downtown savannah, an old bed and breakfast across the street, etc. I feel like I just went on a date with the person I want to marry or something, but instead it's an old apartment that I will be able to call my own. I feel like I'm in love.

And really, I'm not religious and this is a little sappy but I feel like my Grandmas (i consider them my guardian angelz) helped me get this. This is a place that is very old lady-ish and very me and they would get such a kick out of it. I think they guided me to this. (cheesy but shut up!)

i move in as soon as I get back from a little break in NJ from may 30th-til mid june. i'm nervous and don't know what I got myself into but i am extremely ready for this. decorating galore! also probably old cat lady galore. living alone with a cat that happens to roam the courtyard. it can be my significant other!