Tuesday, May 4, 2010


are these spaces not some of the most beautiful things you've ever seen? i feel like they are what I think about in my brain, brought to life. there is just something about light, soothing pastel-like colors (and also neutral beiges, whites, etc.) that really do it for me. I just like thinking about tiny details, interesting tidbits thrown in, a slightly beat up night stand with cracked paint, with an ornate rug thrown on a hard wood floor. Windows open, weird collectable items thrown about, antique comfy couches in puke colors, gold molding, old postcards/ticket stubs tacked onto the wall, tin ceilings, sketchings hung on walls, sunlight flowing in, tons of mix matched throw pillows. All of it is a dream! Do you guys dream about this shit too? I feel like you do, especially if you're reading this blog. I FEEL LIKE GET EACH OTHER, right mystery readers?

I've been absent this past weekend because my mom was in town. i always love when she visits. i get my love of interior design and homes from her so we always appreciate that sort of stuff together when she visits. Shopping, going out to lunch, showing her different spots around the city. It was fun. We even spent the day in Charleston on Sunday, which was beautiful (and hot). That city is just gorgeous. It reminds me of Europe, but almost better. It's just pretty, kind of fancy/more upscale than Savannah, the architecture and homes are a-mazing. However, I must admit..I find myself getting antsy when I'm in a different place for too long. I start to miss my Savannah.

Speaking of my Savannah, the weather is awful right now. Torrential downpour basically. This is a must needed thing since we hardly have rain, however it is making me just want to lay in bed with all my blankets instead of being productive. The Glamourai is in town so I hope the weather eases up a bit so I can make my way downtown to see her speak! Oh, and find an outfit to wear that doesn't make me look like a drowned rat. I just want my flannel and leggings right now! It's that kind of day.