Wednesday, May 12, 2010


i'm really not even going to hide the fact that i really enjoy listening to Hole sometimes. I also get a kick out of Courtney Love. I just do! The whole story of her and Kurt and all of her outlandish antics since then. It's obviously sad but I don't think she means any harm. I've heard she's pretty good live and I doubt she gets enough credit because of how fucked up her image is. You know society never likes a woman who is a little insane. A man that acts insane? Whatever! It's fine! Courtney Love? Let's crucify her. Bleh.

Her crazy twitter and blog rants are actually not even human. The words? Nothing makes sense. It's a jumble of almost words, very burnt and tired brain cells and 40+ different pills swimming sweetly through her bloodstream. But whatever. It happens. I hope she gets better and she can rekindle her relationship with her daughter. Drugs and the death of Kurt have just really done it's damage on her and i don't think she even denies that.

I love old pictures of Courtney and Kurt & when Courtney was (most likely very much on heroin) kind of cool in her iconic grungy floral baby doll dresses.

But seriously. Hole kind of rules. Even the Celebrity Skin album.

Update: coincidentally this was posted on Jezebel the same day i wrote this. I found it interesting.