Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"the bride wore black"

these pieces are from vera wang's 2010 RTW collection titled "the bride wore black". I found these at such a perfect time because today we began working on the stand in design class on our final 3d garment. The first garment (which i documented on here a couple weeks ago) went over well but now we are given the opportunity to re-do it/work more on it.

i'm sticking with my same concept but naturally, as you spend almost 10 weeks on one idea, it transforms into other things. i'm staying true to the main concept but playing around more with other ideas. i'm going to have it mostly black, with a touch of gray thrown in here and there, an asymmetrical top, and a lot of draping. I'm also going to play around with feathers and I found this vintage chunky black wool poncho type thing that i took apart to use on the dress. We'll see. I just want to do good and fix all of the things I wish i fixed with the last garment.

So, that was my vision in my head and while looking for inspirational photos for my sketchbook/moodboard...Vera spoke to me.