Monday, April 5, 2010

"just the smell of summer can make me fall in love"

J.Crew's Fall 2010 lookbook reeeally kills me. It's been described as "Edie Beale goes to Girl Scout Camp". How perfect. I'm ready for the fall already..however, summer is exciting me a little but confusing me a lot.

My situation is kind of up in the air. I could stay in Savannah for the entire summer:
  • take classes at SCAD
  • hang out with whoever is here
  • be in the 900 degree weather
  • live in this beautiful city & have a lot of freedom
Or I could..
  • go home
  • take classes for less money
  • get a job (hopefully at j.crew or anthropologie!)
  • save a lot of money by living at home
  • spend time with family/friends
  • new jersey
  • tons of summer concerts in nyc/nyc in general
  • be back to savannah by august
I am leaning toward New Jersey for the summer. I will miss my Savannah but that will just make my return even more wonderful!