Friday, April 30, 2010


when I first read that christiane lemieux from DwellStudio was coming to lecture at SCADStyle I was instantly so excited. Their overall designs and diversity of their products are pretty much genius. It is the perfect mix of modern, simple and cozy prints using vintage inspired colors. The most beautiful colors, I might add. Just all in all, extremely pleasing to the eye.

I've been a sucker for bedding and pillows since I was 10 years old. I remember one summer my Mom rewarded me for being a good kid by surprising me with a whole bedding set from Pottery Barn that I had found in the catalogue and mentioned that I liked. It was all white, with tiny embroidered butterflies and flowers and two decorative pillows that each said "Summer" and "Spring" (I think? I can't remember that second pillow). It was already set up on my bed in my room when I got home from school. I still have that set and always remember how wonderful it felt to see it there on my bed when I was a kid.

Another time, i was in 7th grade and extremely awkward and my Mom gave me the opportunity to re-do my room. I just remember that being the first time I really was able to be creative and hands on with something like decorating. I chose to paint the walls of my room a bright perri-winkle and bought bedding and other pieces in the room to match it (the theme was light green and purple) I loved it and I remember it making me feel (for the first time, really) that sensation you get when you've created something for yourself that you like.

When my parents got divorced, one of the things that really made the whole "mom's house/dad's house" thing easier was that every once in a while my Dad would treat me to picking out different bed spreads and pillows for my room at his house. We'd go to Target or wherever, and he'd let me explore the aisles and pick whatever I wanted. I'd be thrilled and after we'd go out for our Friday night dinners, I'd rush back to his house to re-decorate my little room there. It made the huge change that I was going through a little more exciting and less scary. I feel like those are just some of the little things that my parents did that has really influenced who I am now. Even if it was just letting a braces-wearing awkward pre-teen pick out her own bedding.

As Christiane spoke about design and how she started her business, I got goosebumps. I think I got goosebumps for most of the lectures but especially hers. She started in fashion but realized that she'd like to explore the area of home decor and after about 4 years with working experience after Parson's, she started her own business out of her apartment. Now that is a $20 million business that has spread all over the world and even selling a diffusion line at Target. Still, her designs seem to have stayed true to her whole philosophy of bold patterns, bright colors and functionality.

Christiane encouraged us to use blogging, etsy, and other social media outlets to get our work out there and to even create a website to showcase our work/resume instead of having it on paper. She even mentioned one of my favorite bloggers/jewelry makers For Me, For You and shared that she was once a DwellStudio graphic designer.

Also, another thing that Christiane explained was that design is so porous which is something that I've been learning this past year being at SCAD. Once you develop an eye for design or figure out what it is that you love, you can go for it in all areas. If you love fashion design, it can easily translate into graphic design, interior design, packaging design, furniture design, etc. As long as you figure what your eye loves and work on improving it every day, you can basically do anything if you try. That's something I love hearing because although I love studying fashion, there are so many other things in design that I want to touch on in my career/life. So her transition from fashion to home decor was inspiring and it was great to see how easy you can float from one to the other.

I want to work there! Or at least get an internship? This is something I made a mental note of. The whole thing gave me a warm happy and feeling.

Most importantly, check out how adorable and beautiful DwellStudio's products are. The baby stuff? I can't! So cute.