Wednesday, March 3, 2010

that's how strong my love is

I think 90% of my everyday thoughts and dreams that float through my brain can be translated into this Anthropologie 2010 lookbook. I really can't deal with it, can you? Every single time, they continue to hit the nail on the head with presenting this delicate dream world for women whether it's simply walking into one of their stores or flipping through the catalog, year after year, it remains perfect. It makes you want to clean out your entire closet & throw out most of your furniture so you can just start over with all of their merchandise. I think it's safe to say their marketing strategy is working.

On another note- in about two weeks I will be in Ireland visiting my best friend Abby! She is living there til May for her semester abroad with one of her friends from college in Vermont. She's having the time of her life there so I'm really so excited to get there. The end of the quarter has been stressful but I just have to get everything done & get through it. My textiles test is going to be insane. Memorizing all of the facts about wool, knitwear, synthetic fibers, activewear, silk, fur, etc. All of it. Sounds kind of simple but it truly is not. It's going to go by fast, but a nice little week break in Ireland with ma girl is going to rule.