Sunday, March 21, 2010

sucker for good packaging

throughout my trip this past week, i really couldn't stop commenting on the presentation and packaging of products. The way that Europeans package simple thing such as food items from Tesco or toiletries from Boots really amazes me. I'm just a sucker for pretty and interesting packaging. It could be actual urine in a bottle or a box filled with human toes but if the logo, colors and layout of the label is beautiful then I'm sold.

I don't mean to sound like some pretentious asshole but if you're in a different country, and have the chance to go to a grocery store, convenience store or pharmacy, do it. It's just interesting to go and observe something as simple as those places, and see how the locals get the items that are necessities in life because although it's the same idea as the U.S, it's very different. While my friends were at class, I took a trip to Tesco to pick up some items for dinner that I was going to cook them but also to just go up & down the aisles to see how everything was displayed. It was just so fascinating!

The whole difference in culture comes out in something as simple as the way that their bread is freshly baked and put in baskets without a cover & exposed to the air. Or how the spice aisle is filled with the most interesting herbs that we would never find in a Stop & Shop or Publix. I just loved the way thing were packaged there. It all caught my eye.

It seems that Europeans have a much more relaxed approach to something like preparing a meal. It is the quality of it that is important and I believe quality is also put across in the way something is presented. Am I looking too deeply into this? Whatever. I'm a merchandising student.