Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I am officially done with my second quarter here at SCAD and to be honest, I feel proud of myself. I feel like I'm getting closer and closer to my goal here and I feel grateful that I was able to put a bit of myself into each one of my final projects. The past two quarters have been an overload of a lot of information that is all pretty new to me, and a total attitude and work ethic adjustment that is getting better. I have a lot to learn but I really feel myself progressing and that's exciting.

Last quarter ended and I felt a mix of emotions but mostly I felt unsatisfied with myself. Mostly because it was so much to take in within such a short period of time. This time I feel (somewhat) satisfied and proud. I was literally sick to my stomach this morning, so worried about how my critiques would go and they went really well. It's just something I'm getting used to..the whole 'putting your heart into something and then putting it up for judgement'. It can be crushing or empowering but educational every single time.

Let me also just say that I feel extremely lucky to be here with such talented kids. Seriously. Each and every presentation and critique I sat through these final days have been so inspirational and motivating. Each student put their heart into their projects and each was incredibly different. I was in awe at so many of my peers' creations and ideas. That alone is enough to push me to try harder and also feel blessed that I can learn from them and maybe they can learn from me too. I like learning here.

Maybe I will post photos of my projects later. But aside from feeling stressed and anxious with finals, I have been thinking about the Alexander McQueen Fall 2010 Ready To Wear almost all day. It is so fucking beautiful, I have no words. What a perfect finale for such a brilliant mind.