Saturday, March 13, 2010

kelly oxford

one last thing before i go-- since it is raining and the wind is blowing at a terrifying speed, i have not left the house all day. surely, i havent left the house all day for simply weather reasons and not the fact that I, oh i don't know, don't really have much to do anyway (except dream about going to Target tomorrow & then fleeing the country).

However, i stumbled upon Kelly Oxford thru Michael Ian Black's twitter. I've been reading her tumblr for the past hour and holy shit. it's hilarious. she's hilarious. i want to be her when im growed upz. She not only has a witty and pretty inappropriate sense of humor, she is a wife/has three kids, looks like a mix of Milla Jovovich & Parker Posey, makes fun of everything & i love it. I think she's a comedienne now or something? She did some show with Ben Stiller & other comedians. I don't know. Whatever she is, i'm enjoying it. Get into it.