Friday, February 5, 2010

"we dont know where to go, like some eskimo.."

For an upcoming textiles class project, we are to design 15 of our own original patterns (just a fully rendered sketch), all fitting into one main idea. So, basically our own 'line' of fabric with a mood board and a story behind why we chose the designs/colors, etc. I chose the idea of Marie Antoinette in 2010, because it was just a natural choice for me since my personal taste always makes me feel like a very old person living in a 21 year old's body. So, I've been grabbing a bunch of inspirational photos using chintz, florals, golds, brocades, candy and pastry looking colors. Maybe once I'm done i'll photograph it if it comes out alright. It's pretty exciting because even if my teacher doesn't agree with my taste or dislikes florals, this is my first project where I can really put myself into it. I can incorporate something that I think about all the time into something for school which is so cool.

For our final project, we have to develop four boards for each fashion season, with 20 fabric swatches (not of our own design, we have to order them/find them on our own), a concept and mood board. All must be different. This is overwhelming but also very exciting. I've been brainstorming a bunch of ideas for each season but it's pretty frustrating since all of the inspirational ideas i've come up with sort of blend into eachother. One that I have decided I really want to focus on, for probably the spring/summer or resort 'collection', is the photography book called Family by Lauren Dukoff.

The book documents the lives of some of my favorite present day 'folk' artists such as Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom, Bats for Lashes, and tons more. It's so interesting because it's the closest thing to that whole 1960's Laurel Canyon music movement that my mom's generation still talks about. The colors of the book and the clothes that they are wearing which look almost thrown on but still pretty strategic in that "whimsical, free spirit" way are so beautiful. I would be able to find really earthy & relaxing fabric swatches to match the mood. We will see. It is kind of intimidating when all of my ideas blend together and other people come up with these crazy innovative, modern, out there ideas but that's just not me? I might as well stay true to myself and my ideas even if it might seem too classic.