Sunday, February 14, 2010


*from my ~valentine~

happy valentines day blog readers. i love awl yawl. seriously guys, i know you're reading somehow. Some on my list, some not on my list. Google Analytics lets me know what's up. Since my comments are off (due to my anxiety that someone is just going to comment with mean things. i'll blame this fear on middle school!), i want any of you to send me an email and tell me who you are, what you like about this lil ditty, or even what you hate.

with that said, i hope you all have a really lovely day. valentines is never one of those things i necessarily get depressed about since I don't have a valentine or whatever. it's one of those holidays i secretly enjoy because I guess although I like to pretend I have an independent heart, I'm still human. Love/crushes/that whole process and all that shit is still something that makes me happy. It's still one of those things that I try not to give up on. Valentines day reminds me of how weird it all is, and sometimes very awkward (or maybe that was just this past weekend....that story is not going on here.) it can be but it's still kinda cool.

Single or married or in between, any way you look at it, let's all agree that it's a good time for consumers. Target gets goin' on all of their cutesy valentines day looking items, flowers are looking more beautiful than ever with all their lovely chemicals & pesticides, pretty romantic dresses are all around and people kind of have a little hope. Hope that maybe next year they won't be single, or maybe even hope that next year they will have a different valentine.

For now, i'm enjoying that my Dad sent me some flowers (with a phone call explaining that they are from him and "not some guy". thank you jim, I know that they're not from some guy.) for the 21st year in a row & that will always make me feel happy and loved. Today I have a million things to do for school, but I really feel like baking something for my roommates & I in between all my work.

ps- i've been listening to Rogue Wave a lot lately & this song specifically: