Saturday, February 27, 2010

crystal renn

Baaadunk. I love her. Let's face it..would you rather lust over her or a skeleton catwalk model? hm. That's a no brainer, men out there.

I mean, the fashion industry has their size standards and as much as I know I'm not even close to being a small size, I understand (somewhat) their reasoning for having smaller size girls. Clothes simply fit smaller women much better than someone with a bit extra. It's just the science of garments. However, for editorials and things like that..there are ways around it. And I guess it wouldnt hurt for designers to make their sample sizes a bit larger so the clothes look better on people who arent a size zero. But whatever, it is what it is. I don't think anyone should be crying over the fact that they don't look like these runway models. They are there for a reason, you know? Being tiny is something that they're good at. It's not something everyone is good at that. They're human hangers, simply being used to make the outfit look the best it can be. Women should just be women and be healthy and being healthy means not looking up to 17 year old emaciated Eastern European models. Get over it.

With that said, I really love the new wave of all of these curvier girls who are 'plus sized' just because they remind me of bodies I see everyday and it is more relatable than a girl with the same measurements as my 14 year old nephew. Crystal Renn is hardly fat but it's nice to see a woman with some boobs and some ass representin' in the fashion industry and looking completely gorgeous and glowing posing for the top of the line magazines, designers and photographers.

Renn has notoriously come out stating how when she first started modeling as a teen, she fell into a deep battle with anorexia and that her modeling career was at it's best when she was at her thinnest and sickest. Now she has gained weight and has become almost the spokeswoman for 'curvy'.

Let's face it, if you see her walking down the street, you don't immediately think "WOW WHAT A FAT ASS". When I read Vogue or any other articles talking about her, it's as if they are speaking about the 450lb lady in the aisle at Walmart wearing a Snoopy tee shirt in her mechanical Jazzy while slurping on a red Ice-ee. It's just not the same thing. She is beautiful and in fact normal sized. I hate that her name and picture always has to be followed with the words 'curvy' or 'plus'. She's just a woman? I guess i'm guilty of that by writing about her being a plus sized model. I don't know. It's just the way it goes I guess. One day that may change and we can just look at everyone as people without all the titles but that's going to be a long time from now. The media is just extremely weird and terrifying, but we all know that.