Monday, January 4, 2010

woof dawgy woof

i'm going to put it out on the table, everyone. sometimes being in your 20's is lonely and weird! For the most part, it's the best thing ever but secretly it is missing a bunch of things that usually come later on in life. A steady relationship, a job, a home, a little family, money, etc. Those things are the safety that I'm missing as a 21 year old gal. Safety, you ask? I guess just knowing that you can come home to something/someone who needs you. No one really needs me right now, which is cool...but also lonely.

That whole whine fest is now leading me into the topic of puppies. I have never in my life identified myself as a pet person. But this past year, animals are slowly but surely breaking my heart. They are like little people! I go as far as picking puppies up now, holding them, letting them lick my hand and talking to them. That would have never happened in the past. Now I have this urge to own one, let it sleep in my bed and have a tiny companion. Since I do not have a hairy grizzly dream man in my life, i might as well have a hairy grizzly puppy dream dog! Oh right, I'm broke and also too selfish. Imagine if it got sick? Cried? Barked for long periods of time? Wanted me to walk it at weird hours when some trash tv show was on or I wanted to sleep? Reality is weird.