Saturday, January 30, 2010


let's just say over the past two years, thrifting has become very important to me. this weekend i went to my first 'southern' flea market (although the real days werent til saturday and sunday and we showed up on a friday) and found out that one of my main 'happy places' is being surrounded by old antiques, jewelry, art, furniture in a dusty old setting. Um I think I already knew this, but attending Keller's Flea Market in GA really re-assured it for me. I just love old things so much. It's the only way I can describe it. The older, the better. All objects have a history to it, but not the objects found at a Jennifer's Convertible, Ethan Allen or Ikea (NOT hatin' on that though) I just love finding hidden treasures. I even spotted a Civil War uniform framed with a bullet hole where the heart was.

Sometimes I think maybe I chose the wrong major, maybe I should be an interior design major, blah blah blah. But the more I am at an art school, I realize that all of it feeds off of eachother, especially something like fashion and interior design. It is all related. How you dress a body, how you dress a's all the same realm. I have realized that this 'realm' of decorating is where I want to be for the rest of my life. Whether it is decorating a room in a home, decorating a human body, decorating the neck of a human with jewelry, decorating for a party/event, decorating for a print ad....all of it makes me have butterflies in my stomach.

Today my friends and I went to all of my favorite thrifting spots in South Carolina and it was so fun. I found three scarves (one cashmere, one alpaca, one silk), a dress, a sweater and a pair of men's loafers for myself (small men's loafers..) It was a nice day but each time I go to a thrift store/vintage store/antique store, I realize a new "collection" i need. For instance? my new idea is collecting old old old books, with the pages all crusty and the covers decrepit but beautiful. This, along with all of my other 'collection' ideas, will make me a prime candidate for the show Hoarders in me 5-10 years. By that time I will most likely be the proud collector of a bunch of shit & will most likely drive every man/person out of my life because of that. This is the part where the cats and weird hobbies enter into my life, such as scrap booking or ceramics. Ugh. I think I'm getting ahead of myself..

What is the purpose of this blog entry? I really have no fucking idea. This is the 5.99 "Leaping Horse" red wine talking I think. It's better that I drunk blog than drunk text or drunk facebook. Bottom line, I love old things & being surrounded by them. If you don't, then get into it. It's cheaper, more interesting and fun. Or better yet, don't get into it. So you don't find any cool items before I do. Alright, I'm going to throw in the towel. Enough drunk antique talking.