Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I know everyone is banging down my door every day asking for beauty product advice & how to look FABULOUS AND RICH on a small budget. It's actually getting annoying how much people annoy me about this topic. I can't give away all my secrets! (imagine if I was serious?)

Anyway, I've always dreamt of trying dry shampoo since I really can't go a day without washing my hair (unless I wash it really late at night) so now that i have to get up at 715am two times a week, I really wanted to try dry shampoo. It literally works so good. I just got back from the drug store, sprayed it in my hair and within a half hour, it looked cleaner & fuller. Crazy! I read the ingredients of it and it sounds like something that would be used to make crystal meth but it's fine!

Also- lip smackers always rule, especially the dr. pepper kind because it tastes good & also gives ya lips a bit of color. Not TOO much though. Can't be lookin like some kind of an ice pop mouth!