Friday, January 29, 2010

my mom visited me in savannah for the past couple of days so i have been a very busy girl spending lots of time with her & accomplishing a lot. I had such a nice time and I'm sad she has to leave. we were all over & she got the true savannah experience without rushing to target/helping me move in/doing things like that. very relaxing.

today we stumbled into a fabric store downtown called Fabrika that i've always wanted to go in and I signed up for sewing classes. I I know how to sew a straight line and that's basically it. The more my eyes are being opened here at SCAD and my creativity is expanding, I really want to learn how to properly sew. That is just the natural next step.

I'm currently taking a textiles class and although it is at 8am and there is a LOT to memorize for tests, i am really enjoying it. It's a lot information at once and it's almost like science but I am now noticing tiny things that I would have otherwise overlooked. This school is making my eyes open in so many ways and I havent even been here a whole year. I'm truly excited to see how my eye develops over the next 2 years.

For homework this weekend, I got to dye & design my own fabric which was so much fun. I worked on it this afternoon with my mom and it's something that I want to do again on my own for fun. I'm proud of how each piece came out, maybe i'll upload photos of them on here. My assignments for each class the next couple of weeks are piling up and it will be very busy. The best part of this? 95% of what I have to do has something to do with what I love. That is fucking great, I really have to admit.

Back to the sewing -Fabrika is so beautiful and really seems like a nice environment to learn & feel inspired so I will take two classes on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon and finally learn! yay! If you're in downtown Savannah, stop by this little shop to see how adorable it is for yourself.