Wednesday, January 20, 2010

god help any guy that i may live with in my lifetime. he's really going to have to have a high tolerance for all things floral and old lady-ish. in a perfect world, whoever this gentleman is that I will be LIVING IN SIN with (he's not real, he's the future somewhere) he would have his own taste. that's so fucking cool when you come across a guy who gives a shit about little visual things, like what goes around a house/pays attention to things like that, isnt it? even if it's not my taste necessarily, everyone should have their say. i think there are probably 9 guys out there that care though. i just think it really prevents that whole "god damn kathy/susan/linda/insert any wifely name here, there she goes again with all those ruffly linens & fake flowers from joann's fabrics. i cant stand it" conversation at the local bar as he dreams of a new family and a new house entirely filled with Bud Light posters, boobs everywhere & Dogs Playing Poker murals. Whatever works, I guess.

But what am I even talkin' about? I have a while for all that. The only men that could complain about living in my room filled with bags, clothes & thrift store/overly feminine decorating are Puffy and Flurry and they are both made of things that stuffed animals are made of, and I certainly don't think they are made of opinions. they silently embrace and support all of my decisions and I dont think the fact that they are stuffed with cotton fuzz is the reason. they just GIT ME.