Wednesday, December 23, 2009

sorry PETA part deux

i'm really obsessed with fur. i am sorry! i know it's horrible & mean & all that but look. I've never pretended to be an animal person for one second in my life. I don't want any furry little guy to be put through agony but ya know what, i'm not personally doing it to them. I will just wear/support the outcome. That's just as horrible, i know i know. I would not rather go naked than wear fur, PETA i apologize. And of course there are other options such as faux fur.

Anyway- back to the fur obsession, specifically vintage fur. This has become my new favorite thing to collect because it's really something that I feel makes an outfit look so beautiful and elegant. Vintage fur collars, shawls, stoles, & hats are all so easy to find, relatively cheap if you go to the right places and is just one of those things that really make me feel connected to women of the past. Our great grandmother & grandmother's generations and those before them, all used fur to tie their looks together wether it was to keep warm or feel feminine and elegant.

Etsy is another great place to find fur, but like with most vintage things on Etsy, keep in mind if you see something it is usually priced higher on there than it would be if you just got up early in the morning, mapped out a bunch of thrift stores and made an adventure out of it. That's the best way to find something as specific as vintage fur. It needs to be well thought out! Of course Etsy has a lot of truly great pieces on there that deserve the price that they are listed at, just be careful & keep your mind open.

Above are my favorite picks from various etsy shops. Check them out & support them!