Sunday, December 27, 2009

home is whenever i'm with you

went into nyc today, with it's overwhelming touristy holiday crowds, holding the tiny hands of my nieces who were such angels throughout the whole thing. my mom and I took them to the American Girl Place and they each got their very first american girl doll. They were not phased by the pushy crowds and busy streets. They are such sunshines, i love them. I can't wait to go back to Savannah but I really love spending time here with my family too.

My room is so tiny here. It's probably half the size of my room in my apartment, but it's so cozy. My own tiny french brothel inspired space, haha. Above are some photos I took of my room/town/home around this time last year. Things are so different than how i was last new years. In fact, new years eve was kind of awful and weird but in it's own little way, it made me change myself. 2009 was really cool, I learned a lot & a lot changed (for the better); but 2010 is something i'm really looking forward to.