Friday, December 11, 2009

come with me my love, to the sea..the sea of love

The photos above are a little sneak peek at some of the new pieces I've been working on. There are many other necklaces (and even a couple of bracelets, which is new for me!) being worked on and will be finished soon. I want to get all of the pieces up by next Friday. I will be home and able to take proper pictures on my dress model and perhaps even a human model! For now, these are just quick snapshots I took this afternoon on my bed.

I've been so domestic the past two weeks. Cleaning, cooking & baking things from scratch, going grocery shopping, decorating, crafting...basically everything that screams "single person" very loudly. I pushed my cart around at Fresh Market yesterday, perusing the wine section, ordering pecan marinated chicken breast, checking prices, debating on which type of tea to buy...surrounded by 9,000 couples. My over-all presence and aura screamed "Hello, I am going home to read blogs, cook for myself and laugh out loud at 30 Rock DVDs alone and No i do not have a cat but I'd like one so I can talk to it? No I don't have a boyfriend but I just became a fan of 'Fat Babies' on facebook".

I say all of this in a making fun of myself manner, of course. I'm not lonely and in fact, the past two weeks kind of ruled, and not only in a ted kaczynski way, but in a "finding myself" and feeling peaceful way. i'm so happy I've been able to spend alone time here before all the craziness happens again. starting weds, i will be spending 2 weeks at home for the holidays with family & friends, then back to savannah for 2nd quarter and i am very excited.

Alright now it's time to watch a Tiger Woods scandal special on Dateline NBC. Why? Why the fuck not. I have macaroons with nutella baking in the oven for a dinner party tomorrow and this bitch on TV is talkin' about sexy secret Tiger texts with slutty eyebrows & a sparkle piercing on her cheek. Why wouldnt I watch this?