Thursday, December 17, 2009


this website makes me smile. it makes men talking to men seem charming, sweet and honest. Far from the conversation I heard going on between The Situation & the blow-out hair guy on Jersey Shore tonight. It's simple advice that Dad's/male figures want to give to the young. I like it.

as much as i want to be a girl and say "uGhH mEn R SOo confUSinG", i simply don't care. one day, there will be one who isnt confusing to me, or confusing in all the right ways. but right now? at 21? we're all supposed to suck so i just think it's important to just concentrate on ourselves. i hate seeing girls drag on and on about guys. what's the point? work on yourselves, because really..if the guy isnt hanging out with you, he doesnt give a shit & is probably off working on himself. so do the same. the ones who make you complain constantly & confuse you constantly..are probably deliberately trying to do so to push you away. we're all nuts. girls, guys, dogs, and everything in between. we all suck when we want to be. we suck less when we're with who we want to be/where we want to be. don't you think? What the fuck do I know but that's just what I'm guessing.

But simple things like watching little boys be little boys, talking about dinosaurs & trucks, being destructive. Or even seeing friendships between guys my own age and how they are to each other, sometimes it's pretty charming. Good ol' boy fun. I never want daughters, i just want sons because I am pretty intrigued by the way of life men have and how different it is. I never ever hated my own gender, I love being a woman, but I just find the opposite sex pretty interesting as I grow older.

I've never been a "guy's girl", like the cOol cHIcK with more guy friends than girls. In fact, every guy my age I knew as a kid/early teen pretty much sucked. They were just awful to me for whatever reason. So maybe deep down I would love to have a son to show them to not be assholes like 87% of the guys I went to middle school & high school with. But it's funny to think one day they will be fathers/husbands and eventually old men? So weird. Some of them even turned out pretty cool (FEW.) I'll just forever picture them in Red Bank Catholic uniforms with gelled hair/acne asking me if I liked Slayer or as a 10 year old kid with buck teeth telling me I have a uni-brow. THAT was probably my mom's fault for thinkin' it looked cute. Not cute.