Wednesday, November 11, 2009


lady gaga usually pisses me off with her asshole outfits but part of me really respects her. she's not of the 'norm', puts on interesting spectacles wether it be with her outrageous outfits, kind of hilarious honesty in interviews, and her stage performances. i respect it. (ps: when i say "i respect it" it's my new way of saying "im still judging but im trying to be more open minded")  I have to say I enjoy it, especially because she's a woman out there DOIN' DA DAMN THANG, saying whatever she wants and doing what she feels. That's kind of awesome. She's not some lemming, cookie cutter asshole. Just an attention whore asshole, and hey whatever. Sometimes that works. Sometimes, 85% of hollywood, i'm talking to you.

Now let me get to the point of this post. This is probably the first time I'll say this but I want Lady GaGa's dress. I've been wanting a military-type dress with those exact sleeves for so long. DAMN YOU GAGS. Hand it over. (just that dress only, plz.)