Tuesday, August 4, 2009

the handshake drugs I bought downtown..

Imagine if a living, breathing, feeling human being uttered the words "I hate target." I know, I know..the thought alone is making me want to sit down and have a minute or two to myself to wonder. It just would not make sense. Target is the center of the universe, heaven on earth, the voice of reason, and makes more sense than the Bible (pushin that envelope).

I probably make a trip there at least twice a week, but I must admit..it's a win/win situation because if I find myself not there for a week or two (WOAH.) then it's like a vacation when you finally do arrive. It's almost like the red and white colors are greeting you in a way that sweetly whispers "I've missed you" in your ears.

Personally, I love listening to other people's suggestions about different products, especially the drug store/cheap kind, so I'm going to highlight a few of my favorite Target things. I realize that someone that hated me in high school or something is probably creepily reading this saying "who the fuck would want beauty product advice from her", i know, i get it. I probably wouldn't want product advice from you either, hater-person. maybe one, two or three of ya can get something out of it. here it goes..

jemma kidd's "on set mattifying powder" $21

my skin tone, like everyone else's i suppose, is always changing with each season. I can be ghostface killah pale girl for months in the winter and then bam, there's a bit of color on my skin once it gets hotter and then a change of makeup is in order. so it's pretty difficult to find a good foundation/powder that will be reliable. this one i really love. it's $21, which is a bit expensive but it's great quality, however a bit too small in size if you ask me.

Soap & Glory "Off Your Face" cleansing cloths. $6.99
I'm a sucker for beautiful packaging. It could be an actual piece of shit but it's wrapped up in a cute, retro, colorful looking plastic print (god forbid there's a bow thrown in there, cause I'm in) then I want it. That is basically why I bought these cleansing cloths. A. the packaging and B. I like cloths better than actually doing the work. Squirting the cleanser into my hands, moving my muscles? Woooow, no! I just want to wipe my face a couple times and then be done with it. First of all, I cannot stress this product enough. IT IS THE BEST.

While I used these, my skin was in the best condition it has been in since I was..a newborn? I don't have acne but I get the occasional bumps and red guys just like you do. When I ran out of this and used a generic cleanser, my skin looked like I strategically injected canola oil into each of my pores near my chin. Picked up a new package of "Off Your Face" last night and already my skin is looking better.

Online it says that it is unscented which is lie because it has the most refreshing mix of minty & fruity that doesn't linger and annoy the shit out of you when you're trying to go to bed. It's like the guy that understands you don't want to talk every 2 seconds through text and gives you a break. Go buy it, it's already sold out online. There's plenty in the store though i'm sure.

Pixi "Energy Blush Collection" in Naturally Sunny $21
This brand is really great, and this product is a good thing to have when you want to look like you're wearing nothing. Dust a little on your cheek bones and on your eye lids and you're done. Throughout the years, I've learned the importance of making it look like you have no make up on (i don't always succeed at this, but I try. I, like you at some points, fall victim to the cake face.) Nude colors, light sparkle, neutral powders and creams always help make this look work. Imagine actually stepping foot outside the house with truly no make up? I would look like Russel Brand each and every time. To all of those girls who can do that successfully..don't bother reading any of my suggestions because you win.

NP Set Lipstick Collection -Denver $15

I always envy women who can just throw on some lipstick and look instantly put together. One time I tried putting on a red type of lipstick (I was drunk so I had liquid courage), waltzed down the stairs with such a strut and a pow "LOOK AT ME AND MY LIPSTICK", but my friends just laughed at me. Which was one of those nice/mean things that friends thankfully do because I truly looked like a crazy person.

Anyway, I was reading a blog that is run by a past eighty8 customer (& has become one of my favorites to read!) and she featured this lipstick, saying how great it was. So I decided to try it out and I really must agree with her. It is amazing. It's like you have nothing on, as if my lips are really this cool color with a bit of shine. Too much wet shine or sticky gloss reminds me of prostitutes or makes me feel slutty. Plus, it always somehow winds up on other parts of my face like I was practicing how to kiss on my hand or something which is just plain preposterous! i have a whole room filled with willing men that I can kiss anytime I'd like! who do you think i am?

Soap & Glory "Great Shakes" handcream $9.99
Again. I love great packaging and also the entire brand that is Soap & Glory. It's one of those hidden gems that Target only offers (like all of the other brands I've featured in this post. All are exclusively sold only at Target) and each and every product is wonderful. It's a bit expensive so I have not bought too many of their products but have sampled as much as I could. All of the products pretty much smell similar, which is a scent that is indescribable because it is so heavenly. I've been using Great Shakes for about 2 years now, and I've even converted my best friend to the cream and she's addicted. Yeah, we're those annoying girls who pull the same hand cream out of their bags, apply it obnoxiously and smell the same. That's us. That should be you too? Give it a try, you won't be sad.

Pixi "Illuminating Tint & Conceal" $35

This is a bit pricey but worth it. If you're willing to spend $35 on a Target beauty brand and not something like Benefit or Mac, this is a good way to go. The tip of the bottle comes off and it's strictly concealer. That part can be removed, and in the larger part of the bottle is where all of the illuminating tint is hidin'. Personally, the concealer is my favorite and the tint is good for the days when you're feeling good about your skin and just want a little coverage. There is SPF 20 in it also, which is always good. PS: Be sure to apply the tint in a really bright room because there have been times I feel like I'm invincible and put it on and go outside and I look like I was finger painting with beige paint on my face. So keep that in mind.