Monday, May 4, 2009

what the fuck happened to MTV? it has become literally one of the worst stations on TV. where is the music? actually, i don't care because whatever music they do play on there sucks anyway. Each and every show is completely awful and not funny. Even True Life is shot to shit.

Currently, "Cribs: Teen Version" or whatever is on. what? It's basically Cribs but for nobody bratty boring teenagers who have rich parents and nice houses. So they come on the show and present to the world what they (their parents) have, which is usually lots of rooms, a chef, a golf course in the backyard and a room filled with blonde haired ponies wearing Swarovski crystal underwear (i made it up). The parents always make a cameo, and it's usually the dad sitting in a huge chair with a "im the king of the castle" face on, saying something like "Anything for my princess/prince!". barf. The kid on right now has a 50's diner in his basement, which makes me wanna roll my eyes yet my inner 10 year old with a poodle skirt and milkshake obsession is telling me to be jealous.

The Hills, College Life, The City, Rob & Big, A Shot At Love, Room Raiders, Parental Control..blah blah blah. All the worst things I have ever seen. MTV needs to shape up, or just disintegrate. Along with Eminem. Why is he relevant again?

On another note, someone that sounds like the "Let me tell you something about my family, we are as thick as thieves" NJ Real Housewife just left a voicemail on my cell phone mistaking me for "Melissa". I have to go.