Wednesday, May 6, 2009

If I could write a letter to the past two years in college, i'm not quite sure what i'd say. I know I wouldnt have known what to say or what to even consider writing if I was heading back to the same place in the fall, but today I had to close a huge chapter. I said goodbye to the streets, walls, and faces that filled my everyday during the past two school years, knowing that there's a huge chance i'd never see a lot of it ever again. I hate goodbyes.

Today I drove away from my 'old life', watching in the rearview mirror as my friends stood in the middle of the street waving goodbye like some sort of cheesy movie, but we'll all meet again soon. Instantly as I drove away from streets and buildings filled with memories, all of the negative feelings that filled my head about that place went away and they were replaced with the relieving feeling of "okay, overall that was a good experience." I think i shed as many tears as one possibly could over something that they know is the right choice for them, but change is both scary but freeing. I just kept driving, crying but smiling because it's like "yes! i did it!" but also "fuck! i did it... now what?".

I feel like i'm waiting to get on a rollercoaster at a theme park. Anxious, nervous, excited, hyper, ya know..all of that shit.

So to everyone that I've met, thank you for whatever it is that you contributed to my life there. Some more than others. Some more positive than others. All in all = educational. And no, Christian Marriage class, i aint' talkin' about you.

Everyone (meaning the 4 people that i'll keep in touch with) better keep me updated on all my favorite Wilkes-Barre things like crazies on the square, curry donut's, any type of crime & also teen pregnancy/fires. thank you.