Sunday, March 15, 2009

recently i've come to love saturdays. waking up, having the entire day and night to do whatever you want, laying around listening to music/reading/getting coffee in the morning. it's all so promising. sundays, however, are not. I've come to hate sundays. especially ones like today where I feel awful, sick, tired, and completely bizarre.

today was a st. patrick's day parade in wilkes-barre, yesterday was one in scranton. there is plenty of green & white glitter celebrating going on. the freaks really came out this weekend. today was from an alternate universe. i didnt shower, stumbled around looking insane and homeless. i just walked to the disgusting chinese food place with a half-working sleeping pill in my system wearing pajama pants and shoes with holes in them. that is the perfect ensamble to be the cherry on top of my week of weird.

ps: three interesting encounters today.

  • starting at midnight, while at a strange but fun bar downtown where the old bartender accurately analyzed my handwriting, i met an insane person covered in prison tats who told me he murdered 3 people accidentally.
  • today while I was walking through the lobby of the hotel that i live in, there was a tiny jon benet ramsey type girl sprawled out on a chair while a middle-aged man took her photo, yelling "oh god thats beautiful!"
  • just now, I was walking into the side door of the hotel and a man wearing a cowboy hat, eyeliner, strange facial hair, numerous crucifixes, a priest-looking blouse and fringe jacket told me to have a good night.

what. the. fuck.