Wednesday, March 25, 2009

House of Harlow 1960

oh how nicole richie has redeemed herself. remember a couple years back when she was this, then this, and well, fortunately now she is this (so happy!). looks like the only thing good ol' nic and i have in common is that we're both making some cash $ money on our passion for accessories, especially jewelry. I get a strange feeling that she might just be making a little more than I, however watch out richie, i'm just gettin my feet wet.

house of harlow 1960 is nicole richie's affordable and pretty unique jewelry line. named after her love for the 1960's era and her baby daughter Harlow, the pieces which range from earrings all the way to jeweled headpieces, are pretty affordable pricing at $40 to $150. Not bad at all. Another reason to love Nicole Richie and forget about Paris Hilton (who even thinks of her anyway) I have my eye on the necklace with the black shapes. I don't wear many modern pieces like this so I think it would be a cool contrast.

Sex Tourists - French Kicks