Friday, March 27, 2009

god put down your gun

the first time I fell in love with Tilly and the Wall was when they opened up for Rilo Kiley in 2004 at a venue in Philadelphia, PA. I was a sophomore in high school, and a die-hard Rilo Kiley fan and was impatiently waiting for their set to begin. However, when Tilly and the Wall came out, I couldnt help but love them. They were the most energetic and fun band I had ever seen. I mean, come on, instead of using drums, they have a tap dancer!

Remember in pre-school when the teacher would give all the kids pots, pans, tiny drums and maraccas, then everyone lined up and banged the shit out of everything having the times of their lives? Their set was like this but more professional and grown up. Kinda perfect.

They were so crazy and really got everyone's blood flowing. I immediately went home and purchased their CD and ever since then, they have remained at the top of my list for fun, screaming in the car, dance music. New Tilly and the Wall, however? Not so into it. I just want Wild Like Children album forever. Plus, when I saw them, one of the girls in the band totally looked like Blondie during her beautiful Heart of Glass days.

All in all: listen to this song to feel good especially if you're having a grouchy day (like when you open your mouth to talk, you're afraid the devil's voice is going to come out instead of your own-type days) Cheer up, learn the words to this song and scream them!

Nights of the Living Dead - Tilly And The Wall